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Blogging isn't just some fad -- it's a way of life! There are people from all over the world who are blogging from home and earning a great, full time income. The only problem is that there are also many people who have had high hopes of becoming a blogger and failed!

The difference? The ones who are successful had good guidance and kept their eye on their goals. The ones who fail at blogging usually try to go it alone and waste time trying to figure it out themselves.

As you read through these reviews, think about your goals for blogging. We've done the dirty work so you can easily pick the product that's right for you. You'll be pulling in a great income from your blog in no time at all with the right guide by your side!

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Blogging In Action

Blogging in Action is the package that gets us the most excited. It's rare you find a book that's 'not too hot, not too cold, but juuuust right.' The author, Shaun Taylor, has certainly outdone himself -- but what you really care about is how the book and resource can help you, so let's get to it!

The first thing you notice when you open the ebook for the first time is that it comes in at a whopping 258 pages! That is absolutely unheard of in the ebook publishing world. Some people might be concerned that it'll be too much information in too small a space, but the organization of it all makes that a non-issue.

Shaun starts out by outlining his goals for the book. He wants it to be current and up to date, cover many different topics, appeal to different experience levels, distill theory and concepts into action steps, and create a clear path for anyone who wants to make their mark as a blogger. Two words -- he succeeds.

As much as we like to give impartial reviews and tell you about the good and the bad -- it's really hard in this case. Even with the most critical of eyes, there is nothing that screams out to be changed here. Sometimes we thought, "wait a minute, he should have...oh, he did!"

For those who are concerned about having to dig through a pile of information they already know or aren't interested in, Shaun takes a unique approach to solving that problem. He not only has the standard table of contents, he also has 'tags' that indicate when you should and shouldn't read. For example, if he includes information that isn't essential he marks it with the <fluff> </fluff> tag! It's cute, clever, and effective for those that don't have a lot of time to read.

Everything is covered here from A-Z, and it's all explained so that anyone can grasp the concepts. The different sections in Blogging in Action generally start out with an overview of that particular section, but then they quickly move into action steps. This is great, because becoming a successful blogger isn't just about reading the information, it's about actually doing something with it. If this book doesn't convince you to do that, nothing will!

The table of contents for things you'll learn is too large to list, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Choosing a platform
  • What is a blog?
  • Configuring your blog for readers and search engines
  • Backing up your blog
  • What is a niche?
  • How to do keyword research (comes with a tool!)
  • Building your brand
  • Creating compelling content
  • Mistakes to avoid (this goes against what is taught in our least favorite blogging book)
  • Which directories to submit to
  • Article marketing
  • Finding .edu and .gov links!
  • Using social networking sites and strategy
  • Monetization strategies
  • Quick start videos for every step of the way

Clearly, Blogging in Action is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to get started with blogging. The book itself is professionally designed, well edited, and created for the reader (at any level) in mind. If you want to make sure you get the right book on how to blog and make money the first time, this is the one you should get.

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Features: 4 stars
5 stars

Atomic Blogging

Atomic Blogging is different than many of the other blogging guides out there. While it contains a lot of helpful advice for newer people, it also has more tips and tricks that blogging veterans are unlikely to have seen before. That makes this a well-rounded guide that any blogger should add to their collection.

There are some pieces of information that are taken for granted, though. If you're the newest of the new you might not understand all of the terminology that is being used. Still, for the relatively experienced/intermediate or advanced marketer, there are some amazing things you can come away with as a result of this guide.

What we really liked most about Atomic blogging was that it didn't use up the entire book with screenshots and how-to's on setting up your blog (if that's all you wanted, look at one of the other blogging products). Instead, Atomic Blogging spends a lot more time talking about how to get traffic to your blog and start making money.

Traffic is good! If you don't have that, you're certainly not going to become a pro-blogger who pulls in lots of cash. It's all about Web 2.0 backlinks and traffic these days, so it's a good thing a lot of time is spent on it.

It was also impressive that this package comes with its own keyword research tool. Keyword research is a vital part of reaching the top of the search engines to pull those readers into your blog. There is no need to buy a separate research tool when you've got this by your side, which adds massive value to the package! Atomic Blogging also comes with its own theme. It's optimized and ready to go so it's a great time-saver.

Another piece of the puzzle is choosing the right affiliate programs. Some of the other blogging guides gloss over this part -- but it's oh-so crucial! If you aren't choosing good affiliate products or other things that actually sell, you're going to be hard pressed to make any income to speak of online.

We did find the order of the book to be a little bit confusing. The next portion talks about setting up your domain and hosting. While it might be better placed at the front of the book, the previous sections were probably first to give you an idea of where you're going before you get there. After you get Atomic Blogging you'll probably want to read through it one time first and then go back to implement it.

Then you get to the good stuff like scoping out competitor's keywords to beat them, which plugins to use, guest blogging, forum marketing, etc. It's this section that more advanced bloggers are going to get the most out of. The chances are good that there are a few tidbits you haven't come across before.

The Atomic Blogging package comes in second on our list because it has a lot of great information, but isn't quite as well organized or as comprehensive as the Blogging in Action book. Still, it's a solid value and you can definitely expect to get your money's worth.

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Features: 3 stars
5 stars

Blog Paycheck

Blog Paycheck is a book that is just OK. With that being said, there are probably a few things you can learn from this edition, though your money may be better off spent on a different ebook, depending on your blogging goals and current level of expertise.

The book starts off by giving a history of blogging and various facts. These are good things to know if you hadn't heard them before, but they aren't exactly applicable to your income goals. Still, Blog Paycheck can't be faulted for starting with the very beginning of blogs.

We did like that this book includes a list of terms that are helpful for new people to know. The terms aren't very advanced, but they will save you some time typing them into Google to figure them out yourself if you're a newbie.

Blog Paycheck continues on with some more general information on registering a domain name, setting up hosting, etc. There are some screenshots to help you if you're unfamiliar with how to do these things. There is also discussion about posting to your blog and getting traffic. This part of the book was just fine, it's the next portion that will make or break this book for you.

The pages that follow spend a lot of time discussing paid posting services as a way to earn money. Pay Per Post and many others are talked about in some detail. While it can seem very attractive to accept money for paid posting, this is frowned on more and more by the search engines and the blogging community in general. In fact, some of the other books we've reviewed strongly suggested that you do NOT use these services as a form of monetization.

Due to the negative air surrounding these paid postings, we suggest you think long and hard about what kind of blog you want to have. Also, keep in mind that some of these sites require you to have had a blog up for a few months before they will accept you. That means there is no way for you to make some more immediate income if you go this route.

However, it's not like accepting paid postings for your blog is illegal! If this sounds like what you want to do, by all means get Blog Paycheck. There isn't likely any other guide out there that offers a more comprehensive list of your paid hosting options.

The ebook also discusses ways to cut out the middle man and do paid postings and reviews on your own. This can be a good option once you become an authority in your niche. Of course, you will need a good following and a good flow of traffic for advertisers and individuals to even consider hiring you for paid posts.

Finally, Blog Paycheck briefly covers some options for posting for other blogs. There are companies out there that are always looking for good bloggers. If you want to blog and enjoy writing, but think you should get your feet wet first, this is a good option.

Blog Paycheck does have some viable information, but it's not the right guide for many people out there. If you want your niche to be paid reviews this guide is perfect. If you want to use means of monetization that aren't so frowned upon and develop a loyal following of readers you may want to stick with something else.

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